Thursday, March 25, 2010


So this semester, for my Media Management class, I've been required to listen to one hour of podcasts a week. One that covered technology and media. I'd seen/listened to a lot of student made podcasts which were ok but not something I would want to follow each week. So I was kind of hesitant about having to listen to one all the time. BORING. Well turns out I LOVE THEM. Maybe even obsessed with them. I listen to them at the gym, while I get ready for bed, and on long road trips. And I feel like I'm learning so much during random times of my day. And now, since I'm always listening to podcasts, my music listening has gone down quite a bit -- kinda sad.

I really enjoy listening to this WEEK in MEDIA, Stuff Mom Never Told You, and Stuff You Missed in History Class. But my favorite is Stuff You Should Know. I've learned about the dead bodies on Mount Everest, where the term Honeymoon came from, and how Braille works. It's cool. And the best part of all this--I'm 23, just barely starting to LISTEN to podcasts and yet my 14 year old cousin now MAKES them?? I feel so behind! But if you want to listen to him, it's cute, you can at

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  1. We LOVE Stuff You Missed in History Class and Stuff You Should Know! Andrew falls asleep listening to them every night. Didn't know about Hayden's, though : )