Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good So Far

Things are good here in Boise. Trevor really enjoys his job. But neither of us like being away from each other ALL DAY LONG!!!! So I usually go in early to pick him up from work so we can have a few extra hours together. For his job we get to go to a lot of cool things. The other day we went to a fundraiser/dinner at the Governors house. It was fun. And we ate with this really nice family and then found out that it was the Governors in-laws. His wife was making announcements and then thanked her parents for showing up, I looked around to see who her parents were and then realized the couple sitting right next to us was waving back to her. Oops. Trev and I felt kind of silly then. Oh well.

Yesterday was my cousin Sophie’s Birthday. So Aunt Kristin, Sophie, and I went out to lunch. Fun times :]

Today the whole Relief Society Presidency is going to visit me. So while I was at my Aunt’s, I borrowed some more lawn chairs. I considered just letting them sit on the picnic blanket...but if they’re in skirts that could be awkward. So hopefully they’re cool with plastic chairs!

I love having family close by. They take me to lunch and lend me their chairs :]

And I was told the link to the press release didn't work last time. So if you still want to read it here's the address


  1. I hope Trevor's improved his table manners...

  2. I'm curious to know how the visit went. I'm guessing that no one came in a skirt. And I'm also guessing that the chairs were not comfortable enough for them to stay too long.