Monday, October 25, 2010

Cousin Party

We had a Pajama/Halloween/Breakfast party with my cousins Andrew, Sophie, and Mattheus. So fun.

We made chocolate chip pancakes and waffles. I absolutely love my waffle maker and skillet and try to use them as often as possible...meaning we probably eat more syrup than we need. We also had Kool-Aid, but it was colorless Kool-Aid so it looked like it was only water. So Mattheus, not wanting to drink boring water, decided to do something about it. He scavenged through our drawers and found our extra packets of Kool-Aid and dumped a whole packet in his already kool-aid filled cup!! Gross. He said it didn't taste too great. Other than that everything else tasted fine :) We then proceeded to watch a thriller: Hocus Pocus. After that we played some games, screamed, locked each other out of the apartment, did pull-ups and ate a lot of popcorn. After we were bored with those things we drew.

This is Mattheus' black man...?

We created a Halloween Wall!

And overall had a good time!


  1. They had soooo much fun. I heard about it for another 40 minutes after they got home, even though it was past bedtime. And Geoff and I enjoyed the peace and quiet. Thanks!

    P.S. Please find a reason to stick around : )

  2. someone is going to be a fun mom . . .
    love it all! I am dying to watch Nightmare before Christmas with you. I keep trying to get the kids to watch it in english.