Sunday, January 2, 2011


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Our last two weeks have been spent here in Virginia. We've been having a great time out here with the fam. Playing basketball, watching bowl games, Midsomer Murder Mysteries, and playing games - blokus being our new favorite.

Trev's got the cutest niece. Whenever we're in the car she asks for riddles. Disney riddles. Ex: What color are Aladin's pants? Well the other night Trevor had asked every Disney question there was to ask, so his niece suggested he ask her questions from the Book of Mormon. She's 4! So Trevor asked her quite a few (she got them all right). When he said he was out of Book of Mormon questions she then asked, "Well what about the Old Testament? You know, in the Bible." So he asked her questions about Moses and Joseph. It was cute. Trev's a really cute uncle.

The niece

Cute uncle Trevsy. The niece was obviously done posing.

I'm slightly allergic to cats, and what do I find in my duffel bag snuggled up in my clothes - this

2010 has been the best year yet. So many good things happened. Graduating. Little sister having a baby. But getting married to my best friend was definitely the highlight.

New Years Resolutions:
1. Sun Salutation every morning – except Sundays
2. Finish my Spanish text book
3. Eat more vegetables, even the green ones
4. Play my guitar at least 3 times a week
5. Serve/volunteer
6. Take more time to read
7. Start having FHE
8. Be able to cut Trevor's hair in under 2 hours


  1. I am now Mckay's appointed hair dresser too! It's hard. The first time I did it, it took about two hours. I'm down to one now... still, ridiculous. It might just be worth the money!

  2. Looking forward to #3 since I devoted a big chunk of my life trying to accomplish, and for Trevor's sake, #8 :)

  3. i couldn't LOVE your resolutions more!! you're adorable. i fully support all of them... play your guitar... you go girl!

  4. Great post. We're putting your story about Elsa into her journal. Don't worry about the time it takes to cut hair--after 6 years of marriage is still takes Anna and hour or more...

  5. I cut Geoff's hair once . . . about 19 years ago. He now pays to get it cut and it's worth every penny. Good luck!

  6. So I've been cutting Mikes hair every other day for the last week. We usually pay but have decided I shold start. Its taken about a week so far and I'm still touching up....
    Hahaha bad kitty...At least it wasn't sleeping no your pillow right?
    I love resolutions. I'm really committed to mine this year too! as fun as it sounds, what exactly does sun salutations involve?