Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy B-DAY

Happy birthday to my best friend, Megan/Gwenevere/Jean/G/Squirrel.
We love you!
We miss you!
America misses you!

Megan with one of her dream men.


  1. OH MY GOSH! I NEED A FULL SIZED PRINT OF THIS. I love the cameo of you and trevor in the back. Can i use it as my profile pic? I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! it is the next best thing to making this scenario real. you know me so well. words cannot laud the reception of this gift enough.

  2. LOL. too good. they have this place where you can put pictures on yoga mats and then you have a huge personalized picture on your mat. this should be put on megan's- (we may need to buy her one) and then she can do yoga in italy with her dream man.

  3. ummmmmmmmm SERIOUSLY?!!! this is too good. to to to to good. love this sooo much <3

  4. Love it! Happy birthday, Megan!
    Aunt Kristin