Friday, April 1, 2011

Our next stop

From Oregon we flew to Utah and the pretty Rocky Mountains. It was Trev’s cousin’s wedding so his parents flew in as well and it was so nice to see them again! Most of our time was spent visiting with family and relaxing. Though for one day we did steal away to spend time with friends - Erin, Spencer, and Mark Zuckerburg!

Ok, we’re not really friends with Zuckerburg, but we did get to see/hear him speak at BYU. He’s definitely not as witty as he seems to be in the movie, of course, but I still thought he was cool. Very normal. You wouldn’t think he’s worth billions.

Trev wanted you all to know that he's more than a friend, thus the heart.

Spencer and Erin were great. Spending time with old friends is always a treat. I love how half the time is usually spent laughing at old jokes and stories. And I love listening to old stories about Trevor. For instance, one day Spencer called Trevor about something but Trevor said he was too busy. He was too busy playing President and Scum with Wolverine, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Donnytello, and Donkey Kong. He was playing the game with his action figures! What a cutie!! I love his sweet, innocent nature. We all laughed and played until curfew – which was really strange after not having one for a year. We then split to have our own slumber parties. I left with Erin and Trevor spent the night with Spencer. It was Trevor’s and my second night apart ever! I missed him..but having a bed to myself wasn't half bad :)

We are now in Rupert. We’ve been bouncing around for a bit haven’t we? We counted eight states in the last three months. I wonder if we’ll ever settle and have shelves and a couch? Cross your fingers that we do!

Hope your April fools was foolishly delightful and have a nice Conference Weekend!!!!!!

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