Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trevor and I have been talking about these guys a lot lately, they're all about no waste. Which is coooooool.

and here is a link to an article on the fam.


  1. I saw this documentary when ABC (or NBC?) did the story on them! It is amazing isn't it? I love how they bring glass bottles to the grocery store for the things they need. What a commitment. Another thing I noticed was how YOUNG they look. The Dad is 47?!! HELLO YUM! Their skin (& home) glows! Eating so fresh and cutting out processed foods that pollute our bodies AND the environment shouldn't be such an unbelievable thing to society... but it definitely is. Obviously I'm obsessed with this too. Unfortunately, Mckay would put me in the looney bin if I ever tried this at our house :) Baby steps.

  2. Sophie has been begging me to watch this, which I finally did. We have a lot of "stuff" and now I can't wait until she gets home from school to ask her what SHE thought of it. Going to go do some purging / recycling right now.


  3. Hey! Glad I found you on here. You look like you're doing great.

  4. cool!! I'm going to reflect on this.
    We started recycling because in CA they give us a huge recycling bin FOR FREE, and then they charge an arm and a leg for a tiny garbage can!