Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blues Festival

The Portland Waterfront Blues Festival! It's held every year and last for 3-4 days. As a kiddo, I found it really boring. Blues was so tiresome and slow, but it grew on me and now I really enjoy it.

The whole fam always shows up - Dad, uncles, and aunts. And we were even able to meet up with Trev's cousins, which was great since we hardly ever get to hang with people our own age.

The Great and Magical ROBERT CRAY.

My favorite stage is always the Zydeco stage. The music played there was MADE for dancing. They have a huge checkered dance floor to the side, for those that know the Zydeco Dance...we of course don't, so we happily did our own dance right up front with the band - which was a blast! But I plan on making Trevor learn the steps with me before the next Blues Fest.

Accordion + Rubboard = bliss

If you're not sure what Zydeco sounds like, then listen to these muppets


  1. You guys are too cool. Cutest picture with you in your little hat! I never know where you guys are! Is it Portland now? Love you!

  2. The music sounds kinda like the music on Disney's Princess and the Frog. Is that Zydeco?