Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pita pita

We went to the duck pond a few days ago. Why? Because the pita bread I had just made - 3 days before - was moldy! I also didn't have a rolling pin when i made them so it took FOREVER!! And it wasn't just 3 or 4 pieces, it was a huge bag full of em. Granted, I probably shouldn't have made that much but I thought they would last longer than 3 days!

The duck pond cheered me up though. Those suckers were so tame; they were practically in our laps.

What else can I dip in hummus beside veggies and pita bread?


  1. I use hummus instead of mayo and mustard on my sandwiches. Dip crackers too! It's so good. Sorry about your moldy pita!

  2. I'm jealous. Last week we drove 15 minutes to take Atlas to a fune little duck pond, only to get there and find that it had been completely drained, no ducks in sight, and under construction. boo. Oh well. Anyways did you keep your bread in the fridge? Thats the only way to store bread that you worry about having too much. I only say it because I know mom is against it, but I put all of my bread int he fridge and it taste fine and lasts forever :)

  3. * also- those "ducks" -as you call them- are ridiculously large & ferocious looking. i'm not joking. i wouldn't have left the car. i'm always scared they'll bite fingers off. my kids will miss out on this activity unless mckay (or you) takes them. loves!