Friday, September 9, 2011


For labor day we went on another hike. New hike, same hills. We get there, look at the map, and discover that instead of one trail to choose from there are actually a MILLION. We memorized a reasonable route, and started on our way. We did our route but it lasted like 15 minutes(those map lines are deceiving). So we decided to keep hiking on. Oh man. The million of trails kept crossing each other, we kept going, and then ended up stuck on this trail that went on and on and on and on! Seriously. We kept walking and the trail kept winding and making us believe that we were about to turn back down the hill. But no, it would turn right back and keep heading on up. Finally we asked these two women, who were heading the opposite direction, where this trail was going. They didn't know either. They had given up and turned around! I kinda wanted to turn around at that point but we decided to go a little farther. Good thing because 10 mins later we FINALLY came to the turn. Hallelujah. Seriously. It's so hard to just walk and walk with no clue where your destination is.

Anyway, it was a long hike (7 miles). And of course everyone else on the hill is ridiculously hard core. They were either racing past us on mountain bikes with a toddler on the back OR sprinting up the hill with a vest full of weights. We also saw two sets of families out there running. Mamma in front with 2 7-year-olds tow. How weak are we?

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