Monday, September 19, 2011

New Fave

anti-gravity yoga

This is my new favorite thing. Anti-gravity yoga. Groupon had a great deal for five classes and I couldn't let it pass by. I am now on my way to join Cirque du Solei! It's actually not as acrobatic as I was expecting it to be...instead it was ridiculously relaxing and soothing for both my mind and my body. I love regular yoga, and it feels great, but with the hammock you get to to the same stretches while floating..ahhhh.

The best part of the class is the last five minutes. After stretching, toning, and hanging upside down for an hour you get to wrap yourself up completely like a cocoon and just lay there. Seriously amazing. I have three classes left. Once they're up I probably won't regularly pay for classes. But it's definitely a MUST every now and then.

Or maybe someday, when I've got some babies, I'll have to get my own at-home-hammock a long with the one below. Then my kid and I can do anti-gravity yoga together :]

baby hammock

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  1. !!!!! i've seen this. it looks so cool/fun! of COURSE you're doing it! you are the best.