Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy Week

It has been a crazy busy week. For the most part our lives are very relaxed but this week everything happened all at once:
  • Our bathroom floor swelled like a bubble, so we had it removed and replaced.
  • Trev had a job interview.
  • Trev worked at the cannery.
  • I started my new calling: Sunbeams teacher! The kiddos are a little wild, but cute. I just wish I could understand at least half of what they say.
  • Trev has also been busy helping out with the Mayoral elections in Eagle. Thanks to him we're always involved with some type of election :)
  • He started an internship with the Boise Stampede, a NBA D-league team. He'll be doing PR and a little bit of everything. Doesn't that sound like the perfect fit for him?! It's not paid, but he really enjoys it so far.
  • I went on a business trip. I flew to Orange County and back all in one day..which made for one very long day. But it was really great to finally meet face-to-face with some of the people I work with.
  • We babysat my cousins for two days. Though it's more like hanging out than babysitting, so it was actually a pretty sweet deal.
Okay, after writing this list, I now see that it was mainly Trevor's busy week...but I'm very empathetic towards him so it felt like it was my busy week too. Now we just need a little breather. Probably just snuggle and read? PERFECT!

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  1. you're the best supportive wife. and cutest. i'm glad trev got a job :)