Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hand feeding cow

We were house/dog-sitters last week while my parents were on vacation. And we were more than happy to help out! Especially since they sent us home with bags and bags full of home-grown-goodies. Our freezer is FULL of tomatoes! I don't know how to can food so I just freeze everything...but this weekend Trev and I are going to learn how to make and can applesauce together! Wish us luck.

Anyway, like I've said a million times, I love going home.

I house-sat for my parents a few years ago all by myself...WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. I was so freaked out all day/night long. I could not help but think about every scary movie that takes place out in the middle of nowhere, and with no one to come to my rescue. Ugggg, it was bad. But this time was 300 times better with Trevor there! Hooray for husbands who take care of everything that involves outside + darkness + scary!


  1. And you never abandoned your post! What a brave woman!

  2. Wait. Since when does your mom have cows (again)?