Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In case you were wondering

We now realize that our first costumes weren't as clear as we thought they were. So just in case you've been DYING to know...

Me: Waldo
Trev: Fork in the Road


  1. Yeah, not sure why Waldo was so hard for me to come up with. I mean, my kids call ME Waldo when I wear my red stripey shirt.

  2. A FORK IN THE ROAD!!!!!!!!
    of course i got yours, but i made mckay come look at trevor's with me becuase i didn't get it (shhh). i was like "stick a fork in me?" i'm an idiot. i know it was a road, sad day when you can't make sense of the fork. cuties.

  3. I'm just confused why a fork in the road has 15 fingers.