Sunday, December 18, 2011

Great News!

Trevor got a job!

He is the new Political Director for the Idaho Republican Party. He’s working with the same people he worked with last year, but this time he’s not campaigning. Meaning he gets to work normal hours this time! It’s music to my ears. Last year he had to work 12 hours a day 6 days a week – it was awful.

Since he really loves his internship with the Idaho Stampede, the basketball team here, he’s only going to be working part time for now. That way he gets to do both! Then once the season is over and his internship is complete, he will then be on full time with the Republican Party. Sports and politics are pretty different, but he really enjoys both subjects, and it’s awesome that he gets to do both. Now if only he could have a 3rd job that involved Harry Potter, then his life would be complete.

If you go HERE you can read the press release they put out about Trevor. They even gave a shout out to me!


  1. This is AMAZING!! I am so happy and excited. What a wonderful thing to happen. You guys are rolling now!

  2. that article is soooo FANCY SCHMANCY!!!! so happy for you guys, that's great!!!! income! yay! :)