Sunday, January 1, 2012


I love making New Year's Resolutions! Love it. Just the act of writing down new goals makes me feel like I've already accomplished something big. Plus I like thinking about me being better at certain things. For instance, imagining me in a controlled handstand like the picture above. Can't wait!

1. Become 100% cruelty free
2. Hand stand
3. Complete all Spanish classes at the library ("Learn Spanish" has been on my list for the past 5 years...I need to just do it and get it over with!)
4. Read at least 5 church books
5. FHE
6. Learn a new song with Trevor once a month
7. Contact an old friend once a month
8. More fruits and veggies (I have to say – I’m WAY better at this than I once was…but there’s definitely room for improvement here)
9. Cut Trevor’s hair under an hour and a half (hope you’ve noticed that it no longer takes me 2 hours!)

Bring it on 2012.


  1. My like button disappeared. Just wanted to say I like your post. I've been hearing a lot about goal setting recently and that is all we are doing when we are making those New Year resolutions. Happy New Years!!!

  2. Yay! Uhm, what does #1 mean? Am I so naive? Maybe. But fill me in. & #2? I love #5, but when I list FHE under my goals it means HAVE IT. We're bad. We usually count every night as FHE. XO

  3. i love your resolutions sissy. hope i can count as one of those old friends sometime soon. your hair cut resolution is the best. i LOVE YOU!!!