Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jazz vs. Pistons

Since Trevor had to work crazy hours for the last few weeks, his work gave him a 4-day weekend!! We went to my parents house and relaxed our hearts out. Being out in the middle of nowhere while doing nothing was just what we needed.

Then on Monday we made a special trip to Utah for a Jazz/Piston's game, Trevor's two favorite teams(Piston's being his most favorite). We showed up extra EXTRA early (I thought too early) to watch the teams warm up and get some autographs. Trevor has connections, so we were able to sit on the floor while the team shot around! It was actually really cool. Trev even passed the ball to one of the players and they mumbled something back - he of course LOVED that.

The best part of the night was chilling with Megan. The second best part was watching a certain group of older men. They were about 20 rows back on the other side of the court, and they stood up and high-fived each other EVERY time the Jazz scored. It was great.

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  1. ohh!! how fun! to relax and do nothing is the BEST!!! and of course being with megan is always the best delight! so fun!