Monday, May 14, 2012

Cousin Time

Great-grand-baby #2!

I spy with my little eye a Kyler.

Push Up contest. I'm pretty sure my grandpa won.

The fellas all played 500. See those bushes..Trevor may have flipped backwards over them TWICE!


  1. What is 500 and how do you make your pictures do that?!
    I'm impressed with both.
    (This is Nicki, I'm too lazy to sign out of my Mom's computer)

    1. You're so funny. I was confused for a moment when I read the it now :) I do the gif images in Photoshop using the Animation (Timeline) tool. If you want a step-by-step let me know :]

  2. Sweet. I would have LOVED to see my dad do pushups : ) So sorry I couldn't make it over that day (and so is Mattheus!).

  3. It is so confusing to me sometimes to see Trevor sitting with my next door neighbor from Kaysville. And then I remember that you are all now related. So funny.