Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Two Years!

It's our two year anniversary and we're in separate states...sigh.

Trevor's been studying non stop for the GMAT. He goes to work for the day and then comes home and studies for the rest of the night. I tried my best to be a good wife and just let him study but after three days of that I missed him too much and begged him to pay attention to me instead of the test. That wasn't very helpful so I came up here to Oregon to visit my dad so Trevor could have peace and quite :)

The other night Trev and I were watching our wedding videos. We haven't watched them since our wedding. They were so fun and funny and made me so happy just thinking back on that day.

One video that I love is this one. The three lovely ladies completely surprised us and played my all time favorite song. It was the perfect first dance with my handsome husband.

Happy TWO years Trevor!!!! Love you  and miss you <3


  1. Awww I forgot about that! What a happy day and you two we're so cute dancing. However my favorite part was when the video ended, and then the suggested you tube videos came up, and I clicked on "cat bath" out of curiosity.....that was actually kind of hilarious....me and mike were laughing so hard. Mostly because it's kind of weird that Trevor just lets it keep going and going haha. Anyways....happy anniversary you crazy kids <3

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!! That is such a cute video! You four girls all have such a talent in singing! I have always enjoyed listening to you!

  3. How sweet. I miss Megan's voice.
    We don't have any videos from our wedding, I should have been on that.
    Did you & Trevor practice that dance? Because it was cute & perfect. Like... if Mckay would have spun me I PROBABLY could have handled it, no gaurentees though. And that last one where he spun you and then your back was to him before he spun you out again, I would have botched it. Kudos.
    Also, Mckay took the GMAT earlier this year. It sucks. Where does he want to go to school? WHAT if they ended up at the same place!!!! That would be the best.

    Love you! Happy 2 years!

  4. For the record, Ariel, I tried to make FB stop but he wouldn't leave me along, and Lindsey made me sit there so she could get it on film. Plus, I figured it was easier than showering...

    As for B-school, I guess we'll see how well I do on the test first. That would be fun if we ended up in the same place though. Where are you guys looking?

    Oh, and happy anniversary best friend!

  5. AnonymousMay 29, 2012

    AW, I love this! I miss you three ladies so much! And Trevor. And Mike and Atlas.