Thursday, July 5, 2012

Favorites Countdown

#3. Culture stuff. Of course there was the luau. I loved it. I smiled the whole time. I know it’s such a touristy thing to do but I thought it was so fun. I also really enjoyed going to church there. I guess you could call that a touristy thing too because half of the congregation was made up of other visitors! But I thought it was cool how the speaker would say “aloha” before their talk and then the congregation would say it back. It caught me off guard each time. Then at the end of the meeting, the whole congregation stood and sang “Aloha Oe” to a kid who was moving away. He stood in the front while others gave him leis. It was neat.

#2. Snorkeling. I loved it. At one of the beaches we swam with LIVE sea turtles! It was awesome! My mom and I were both very nervous to get in the water with those big creatures…some of them were actually REALLY big. But we were able to swim right up to them! We’d get close (not too close) and they’d just tilt they’re head, look at you, and then mosey along. They were so calm.

We also went to Molokini, a cool crater in the middle of the ocean. The snorkeling was really good out there..and apparently everyone else knew that too, just look at all of the people! The water was really clear so we were able to see far and deep. There were lots of fish and…..WE SAW AN OCTOPUS! A little guy. He was very sneaky, trying to blend in and what not..but we saw him!

My goggles were a little foggy, but I thought that was normal…apparently NOT. Just look how clear my mom’s goggles are! I look especially high in the second image.

#1. Spending a week with my mom. I had a great time with my mom, and am so grateful for the time and fun we were able to spend together! Love you mom!

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  1. Ahhhhh <3 I love you too!!!!!!!! It was an amazing and memorable week <3