Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sailing Camp Out

Our Labor Day weekend was spent in Oregon! We first went to Portland and had lunch with Trevor's cousin and her husband. It wasn't until after I'd left hat I realized I didn't take any pictures. I hate when that happens. We also walked around Portland for a bit too. We walked around the Saturday Market and FINALLY made it to Voodoo Doughnut. We try to find it EVERY time we go to Oregon and Google maps always gives us wrong directions. So we found Voodoo but didn't get a doughnut because there was an hour long line! I'm sure they can't be THAT good :] After Portland, we went up river for a somewhat camping trip. A boat camp out!

This is the only way Trevor can stand up straight.

Where we were anchored was right next to a huge island in the middle of the river. So one day we took the dingy to the island and hiked to the top! It felt like we were on uncharted land since there weren't any trails half way up.

The red arrow points to our boat.

We also got to go through the Dalles locks. I've seen it happen, but I've never got to go through one. It's really cool! A lock is the passageway through a dam. So we waited for the lock to fill with water, motored in, then the lock doors closed on both sides, then the water drained while we were in. For a moment I thought about how powerful water is and how any second it could bust down the walls while we were in there...creeped me out! We got through the locks, then drove home. It was really fun and relaxing trip!


  1. that looks like so much fun!! especially going through the dalles locks thing!

  2. i really don't understand the dalles locks thingy but what a fun labor day!!! we were both in portland! just on different sides of the country <3 we're so connected. the boat/camp out looks amazing and beautiful. and you look so lovely/great/pretty! guess what? i'm so into yoga lately. i do my morning yoga poses and go to a yoga class once a week. it's the best. i am thinking about trying bikram yoga. have you ever done it? xo