Friday, April 5, 2013


Rosie is wonderful. We adore everything she does. Every single facial expression, noise, burp, and toot makes us smile. I just can't believe it's already been 2 weeks! Everything's kind of blurred all together. Our little family spent the first week naked together - not as sexy as it sounds since 2 of us were in diapers. The midwives gave us strict orders to practice skin to skin for at least three days. We all loved it so much we did it for the rest of the week. And then this week we tried having her sleep in her bassinet by herself. After having her right with me in my belly for 9 months, it was really hard to NOT have her sleep RIGHT next to me! So she slept in her bassinet for maybe a whole 5 minutes until I put her back in bed with us. But Trevor and I kept waking up achy and sweaty with her in our bed, so we tried putting her in the bassinet again and she now sleeps most of the night in there! While Trevor and I actually get some somewhat good sleep too.

Rosie's a nursing champ. She was back to her birth weight just 4 days after her birth. And then at her check up on Wednesday she weighed 6lbs 11oz. She had gained almost a whole pound in one week!!! The midwives were impressed while I was relieved. It seems like she's always hungry and always eating, so I was beginning to wonder if breast feeding was working and if she was actually getting anything. Guess she is!

But she's still so tiny! Just look at her:


  1. I love her SO MUCH. My eyes just about welled up with tears reading his. I love it all! That skin to skin for a week sounds so nice. Two of usin diapers made me laugh. It's the worst huh!?! Love you mama!!!

  2. Your diaper comment was hilarious. I loved it. And just so you know, this did not even close to satisfy my need to hear all about miss Rosie (& see her cute tiny-ness). But I get it, you new busy Mom. What a doll she is. Can't wait to see more.

  3. AHH cute pictures!!!!!!!!

  4. I love her! I love her. I love her! She is so cute. Naked time! You should try Beyonce, in case you feel like dancing.