Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Three Years!

May 22nd marked our 3rd year anniversary! We started the night off with dinner for three.

I'd been dying to see the Great Gatsby (love me some Baz Luhrman) but was too hesitant to leave Rosie behind to go see it. Up until then, I had not been separated from her for longer than an hour and a half. My sweet aunt agreed to watch her and Trevor kept reminding me she would be OK. The movie was awesome, of course, but I had to check my watch every 15 minutes because I was so anxious about Rosie. And what do you think happened? Absolutely nothing. She ended up being totally OK and happy - go figure!

Two days later Trevor had a fun, little get away planned for us. We drove up to Sun Valley for a day trip! Sun Valley is where we had our honeymoon. Cindy, a woman from Trevor's work, loves Trevor (I think it's his dimples) and had been inviting us to her place for awhile now. So we finally took her up on the offer!

Cindy put a bow on the bike and gave us matching hats!
She watched Rosie while we took a long tandem bike ride through the pretty trees of Ketchum/Sunvalley. So gorgeous! Once we got into Sun Valley we had a cute, yummy picnic that Cindy packed for us. It felt so good to be out in the beautiful weather with the fresh mountain air.

Our anniversary came at the perfect time. For the past 2 months we'd been so caught up with being a good mom and dad that it was nice to be reminded that being a good husband and wife is just as important. Love you husband!!! Happy Anniversary!!!


  1. aww! she is sooo cute eyeing that yummy dessert. i know exactly how you feel!! it's hard to enjoy being out for a while, especially when they're nursing and so dependent on you! it sounds like such a fun weekend. :) you are such a beautiful, fabulous, wonderful family!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Its so weird that I actually imagine Rosie taking that last picture, even though I knew it wasn't possible my first reaction was did rosie take this? Haha. So fun though! Cindy sounds so nice! And the red bow and hats, I love it. Oh and Rosie at the cheesecake factory...sheesh she is adorable.