Saturday, December 21, 2013

Two Hikes One Post

I can't believe these pictures are from last month! Where'd the warmth and sunshine go?!

We finally hiked the hills behind our home. It's a fairly popular destination. I see people up there 24/7, even in this cold weather!

On the way down Rosie pulled her arms into the carrier, tucked her head down, sucked on her fingers and fell asleep. What a sweet lil' babe. We had such a nice time as a family doing this simple, free activity.

This wasn't Rosie's first hike though. A week before she was born we went on a hike - aka - I carried her in my belly. That was the longest hike of my life! Not because I was uncomfortable or that it wasn't fun, but because it was literally a long hike since we had to stop every 3 minutes for me to catch my breath! So when we went on the hike last month, I told Trevor it was HIS turn to carry her up the hill.

These are shots from our hike in March. I meant to blog about it right after it happened...but I ended up having a baby before I got a chance :)

We were trying to re-create the shot found HERE, but it doesn't look as scary.


  1. I love that chubby foot sticking out of the carrier! What a cutie.

  2. Oh my gosh it makes me so uncomfortable seeing you on the edge like that! Like, I'm cringing. I forgot you did that hike when you were soooo pregnant! Crazy girl. That is so cute that she tucked herself in like a little turtle to take a nap, so sweet!
    p.s. I can't believe you still have that kitten shirt and its wearable! Mine from Seattle, the wolf howling at the moon, is sooooooooo gross now. I don't even know what its been through but its been through a lot. I retired it to my box of "nostalgia" that I can't really use but also can't really bring myself to throw away....

  3. You guys are so cool : )