Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Five Things We Shouldn't Smile At

1. When she says, "No, no, no, no, no!" while we drag her little body away from something she really wants - usually some sort of electronic device.
2. When she throws a tantrum. They rarely happen, but it's so cute how she flails her arms and legs.
3. When she fake cries. She strategically squints her eyes and moves her jaw up and down and lets out a little whine. It's so adorable.
4. When she just wants to play instead of sleep.
5. When she pulls out ALL of the videos on the shelf (this is quickly becoming less and less funny).


  1. She is getting so big! She is almost 1, isn't she? How the time flies! She is so cute!

  2. I ALWAYS laugh at children who are naughty. Also, I laugh when they cry. In fact, I laugh the most when they throw tantrums. It is literally so ridiculous. And the world just seems to be over when they can no longer throw noodles onto the floor. OR whatever it is that ends the world for them. I usually have to cover my face so they won't see how funny I think it is.