Saturday, November 7, 2015

Mabe the Babe

People keep asking me to post more pictures and info on Mabel…but the truth is, this girl sleeps a LOT! Like so much that both Trevor and I were worried that there was something wrong. But, when she's awake she's super alert, eats well, so we let her do her thing. She's 8 weeks old now - WOAH - and is starting to be awake a little bit more. The other day Rosie randomly decided to take a nap and it was just Mabel and me so I decided to do a little photoshoot! Now that I have a model that can't run away, I may as well start using my camera again (on Halloween I couldn't even remember how to change the F-stop! It had been TOO long).

-she's so cuddly. Which we love. Rosie was not, so it's so nice to have a little bug that loves to snuggle.
-the negative to her loving to be cuddled means that when she is awake, she insist on always being held. Maybe negative isn't the right word, but it does make things difficult sometimes. Thankfully she's content for me to wear her (most of the time).
-again, great sleeper. I can get a good 5 hr stretch every night. That didn't happen with Rosie until she was a year and half.
-smiling now. I'm pretty sure they're real smiles and not just gas. Gummy smiles are to die for.
-so incredibly sweet.


  1. Eee!!! I love these! First of all they are Mabel so naturally they're perfect, but Lindsey, beautiful pictures! And that smile! And that we droopy cheeks! Those sparkling eyes! I'm in love.

  2. Oh my goodness. I love her so much!!!!! She has a little tinge of Asian in her eyes and she's so chubby and I'm just... obsessed!!

  3. Beautiful! Congrats to you and Trevor!