Saturday, December 17, 2016

Tiny Dancer

Remember when everyone thought we named Rosie "Tiny Dancer"? Ha! That may not be her name, but she is a dancer and she is tiny.

Rosie joined the 3-5 year old dance class at the Rec Center here. She goes once a week to plie and hop like a bunny. Literally. Most of the girls in her class are 5, so Rosie's the younggest and littlelest, but that doesn't slow her down...too much.

She had her first dance recital this past weekend and we couldn't have been more proud. I love when she throws up her arms at the end and yells, "We did it!"

So at her dance practices, the parents aren't allowed in the studio. So us parents have to watch our kids through a window, that goes from the floor to the ceiling but is only 12" wide. So the first few weeks it's all of us crowded around this tiny window trying to watch our cute kiddos spin and jump. And on top of that, when they practice their recital piece, the instructor pulls the blinds down so we can't see. Anyway, so I've been to ALL but one of her practices. And of course the ONE class I don't go to is the ONE class her teacher actually lets the parents into the studio to watch the recital piece! When Trevor came home and told me, I was so upset. I kinda wanted to cry. I know that sounds dramatic, but the whole thing was just such bad luck!

Thankfully, Trevor recorded the video, and I love her big, cheesy grin! So just in case you wanted to see one more version of the dance, here's one of her practices.

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