Wednesday, June 9, 2010


My husband and I live in a jungle - Costa Rica. And it's beautiful. I still can't believe we're here. If you haven't heard, I'm doing an internship at a hotel down here, Hotel Tilawa. I'm not totally sure what I will be doing, but probably something with web design/web advertising/social networking. And Trevor will be doing a little bit of everything, wherever work is needed pretty much. But everybody just helps out wherever they're needed ,whether cooking or cleaning. We'll probably be here till mid August.

Everyone here is just chill and relaxed. So relaxed they forgot we were coming! But it's all worked out fine :] And thank goodness for Trevor and his beautiful Spanish, other wise I'd probably be lost somewhere on the streets of San Jose. It's really fun watching and listening to him talk with all the people. I hope I learn Spanish soon, so people don't always have to be translating for me!

These ants are so cool. They create this path and run back and forth moving pieces of grass, which they then feed to a mushroom and then they eat the mushroom...or something like that. The ants are under the leaves, and there's a huge line of them! Cool.

Every few minutes I get nervous about everything: being in a strange country, hoping I have something to add to the business, and bugs...kinda scary! Oh well :)

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  1. Awesome! Keep the updates coming and don't worry, be happy! At least you have Trevor with you -- all is well : )