Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yesterday morning a monkey climbed on the power line, which cut out the power and fried half of the monkey. The monkey ran off and left her little baby. So we had a baby monkey hanging out with us for half of the morning! They didn’t want to hold him forever so we stuck him in a plant.

But then he started screaming and trying to crawl around on the plant but he’s too heavy so he’d fall down. So Trevor picked the poor guy up. He really liked Trevor. So cute. Eventually some guy came and picked up the monkey. Everyone was looking for the mama but they couldn’t find her :[

Trev was up sick all night. It’s probably all the hott sauce he’s always putting on all his food. Pobrecito. Or it could be a virus… which would mean I’m next! So hopefully it’s just the food. But there’s this sweet lady that cooks and cleans here ever other day, and she also really likes Trevor. She says he looks just like her grandson so she’s always calling him her grandson. But when she found he was sick she offered to heal him. She made some concoction then took him to our room and made him take off his shirt, and rubbed him down. He said for the most part if just felt like a nice massage. Lucky.

The bugs aren’t quite as bad as I was sure they’d be…however one look at my feet and you’d think I had chicken pox. It’s mainly just mosquito bites. But there are a few teeny tiny ants that bite and kinda sting. Not that bad though.

We went swimming yesterday and didn’t put any sunscreen on. We were only out there for a little bit, but apparently the sun rays are twice it is in the states…or something like that. So our shoulders are a little crispy along with our arms. But we got some fresh aloe and rubbed that on our burns and bites. Not sure if it really works on the bites but it does make me “think” I’m feeling better.

We still haven’t done any work! We help out with dishes once a day but that’s it. We just hang out. Ha. But we both really do want to help out. Hopefully we’ll figure that out soon.


  1. what a life! what a "cute" monkey. i am confused at what you're doing there... what you're suppose to be doing, and what you want to be doing. but mostly it just sounds fun and relaxing so just go with it. i'm sure you'd be the best helpers, or just players. either way. xoxo.

  2. you guys are the BEST!!!! you would just up and move to Costa Rica no big deal and leave us all in the dust! we got your thankyou card the other day which i loved. and i love you. p.s. you should have kept that monkey and had him/her as a pet! named him/her banana :)