Friday, July 30, 2010

hogar dulce holgar

They have funny signs with large, blobby stick figures

Well we're back! Back in the good ol' US of A! And what was our first meal in the states? Hamburgers, corn on the cob, pasta salad, deviled eggs, jello, and raspberry lemonade! Now is that American or what?!?! Thank you Grandma. After our ridiculous effort to make it from the San Jose Airport to Salt Lake, it was so wonderful to sleep on something other than an airport floor and to eat something other than saltines!

Our last couple of days of CR was spent in San Jose sight seeing. Costa Rica doesn't have tons of history but it was fun seeing their pretty, old buildings.

Pretty cathedral 1

Fun indoor market

The Yellow House - like the white house but yellow :)

Pretty cathedral 2

pretty theater

Soaking up the sun on a pipe bench

We had a wonderful time in Costa Rica and are both so happy to have had such a great adventure together! So far our first two months of marriage has been fantastic! And we can't wait for what's next...hopefully good paying jobs! But we'll take whatever :]


  1. you guys are so fun. so glad you finally got a good bed with all american food. come visit us okay? okay :)

  2. Yeah, good ol american food. Gotta love HAMBURGERS always. Right Linz, always. I know I do. I had the best night with you two the other day. I had no idea it was 2:00AM when i left.