Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dave and the band band

Trevor and I drove down here to Utah. For concerts, a wedding and we may even throw in a hike! It'll be fun. On the drive down it was super bright and Trevor couldn't find his sunglasses....but luckily we picked up a box of stuff to take back to my cousin and his girlfriend and look what we found!

So thanks Ashley for the sunglasses! He looked really good in them and I think everyone else on the road thought so too, because they all kept looking, pointing, and smiling at him. Hm.

Our first concert of this trip was DAVE MATTHEWS BAND! So fun! And they are SO GOOD! They put on a great show! And they're drummer was grinning big the whole time that you couldn't help but smile back. He looked like the kinda person that could easily be everyone's best friend. Trevor was of course in love with all of the men on stage. And I'm not even jealous because those men deserve to be loved by everyone :]

I didn't record this but you should watch it and see just how fun he is!!!

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  1. In a way Lindsey, I guess you are really lucky. Most girls have to worry about the "girl friend" at work or elsewhere. You really only have to worry if Trevor works with a black guy who sees past Trevor's quivering giggles and befriends him. I guess I am saying you are pretty safe.