Sunday, August 29, 2010


Our week in Utah was pretty much our "goodbye to summer week" and we made sure to take advantage of the last few warm rays of the year. Also, I learned that my memory isn't quite as good as I thought it was. Everything seemed much bigger or much smaller than I remembered it being. For instance we went to the wave pool. I have memories of it being so grand and so fun! I dragged Trevor to my favorite pool and of course when we get was kind of dinky, not grand at all!!! We also rented tubes for the waves and what happens when we try and sit in them--we don't even come close to fitting! And I'm looking around at all the other people comfortably sitting in their tubes which of course forces me to think that we must be fat. Then as we're leaving we find out that the pool owns "kiddie tubes" and "adult tubes". And what were we given - the "kiddie tubes"!!! Why would the guy who rented us the tubes think that they would fit our bottoms? I dunno.

We also went on a hike that I used to go on as a kid with my mom and sis. I remember the hike being easy and now it's not. So either my memory is wrong or I'm out of shape? However, it did feel great to stretch our legs and be outside! And at the top we were rewarded with a sweet, little waterfall :]

Then, Trevor's Uncle gave us two free tickets to ride the snowbird tram. The last time I rode that tram I was six and cried the whole way up and the whole way down. I used to be scared to death of heights. But when I rode the tram up this time - no tears :]The view from the top was gorgeous and the air up there was so fresh! It felt so good.

And now we are home, in sweaters, enjoying fall, getting ready for winter and wood stoves!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to all the fam out there who played with us and let us crash at their homes <3

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  1. hahaha the wave pool! WHAT?!! You mean those waves weren't really 6 feet tall?! They definitely were back then I know it....
    OH I've been wanting to go on that hike too!! I don't remember it being very must be out of shape. What about the 'cliffhanger' part? Where you have to like edge along a rock. Was that really as exciting as it used to be? Is that the pic of Trevor?