Friday, September 17, 2010

Our First Home

While looking all over Boise for an apartment, we found it impossible to get one that suited our short term needs. So Trev had the idea to look online for a Bishop in the area we wanted and see if anyone knew of anything that could work for us. Well the first Bishop we called gave us a number to the Stake President who owns an apartment complex! He said that we could have the apartment for as long or as short as we wanted! Meaning he's cool with us only staying 2 months. No deposit and no background check!

Look at all the nasties that we found cleaning the apartment!!! Gross! Thanks Aunt Kristin for helping me sanitize our home:)

Our apartment is way bigger than we need. 2 bedrooms and a big living room. And we have no furniture, just an air mattress. So it looks pretty empty. But WE LOVE IT!!!! It's our first home together. First time we've been out on our own ever [We don't really count Cost Rica as being out on our own since we lived at a hotel with other people] But yes, we are happy with our empty place :) My uncle Geoff and Aunt Kristin let us borrow a table and two chairs - so we don't have to eat on the floor. Oh - and it's been way fun finally having the chance to USE our wedding presents!

And guess what - I cook! Yep. Not that I'm great at it or anything, but I think it's fun trying to be a little home maker. And now that everything is unpacked, I'll be going in with Trevor to work at the call center for a few hours a day.

Everything is A-OKAY here in BOYzee

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  1. you GO GIRL!! you and your hubby look adorable together. and what did you make? that's GREAT!! i'm so proud of you! looks like you have a fisherman and a seamstress there before you... oh my!

  2. SO FUN! so glad you love your new little/big apartment. should we hang out since we're only an hour away from eachother? i think yes. oh! we should meet up in if sometime and go to dinner! right in the middle. oh yes, i love this idea! love you <3

  3. Awww. How fun your little table with lawn chairs haha. Love it. Cooking is fun when your doing it for your family hu? Have you looked on craigslist for free/cheap furniture? Well I guess you probably don't really want to furnish it much anyways.

  4. i am in love with this picture. And i am going to pretend that a recipe of mine is in the pan (but it is ok if not--i guess) I am so happy for you! i might keep this pic.

  5. the meal is just hamburger helper...not amazing but that's still cooking!!! I used meat and everything. I did make "Megan's pasta" last night :]