Monday, September 13, 2010

Work, work, work

Things have been kinda crazy over here. First of all, we had a wonderful week with Ariel and Atlas and miss them already! And we have great news! Trevor got a job! It's in Boise with the RNC. So it will only last till elections, but it's still a great opportunity for him! He'll be managing the phone banks here in Boise. And I guess it's a pretty big deal, because the RNC even put out a press release about Trevor! Woah. And it all happened so fast. On Tuesday he got the job, Friday we moved to Boise, then Saturday he started work. Wow! So we are currently in my Uncle and Aunt's basement as we search for apartments :]

The sad thing is is that he'll be working a lot. Eight to eight, six days a week! Miss him already! But there is a chance that I can get hired on at his call center, then I could at least see him for a couple hours a day :]

We're both very happy and feel so blessed for this new job!

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  1. Sorry the basement isn't bigger with a door! It's been fun, though.