Saturday, September 4, 2010


The other day My Aunt Sheri and cousin Hayden came out to visit. They love Atlas so they wanted to make sure to see him before he left. I think they like Ariel too. It started out to be such a lovely day. Blue sky and warm fall air. So we decided a small bonfire out front would be perfect! We roasted hot dogs AND smores. Smores are delicious but messy, so I think the best place to eat them is at your house where you can easily wash your sticky fingers. And then the wind picked up and forced inside. But over all it was wonderful visiting, laughing, and staring at Atlas :)


  1. Ahhhhhhh. Nice pics of the non-Atlas's, too. Love my sisters!

  2. ariel is the cutest mommy. you'll me cute too linds!!! :)
    those pictures look beautiful.

  3. awww miss you already! good pics linz! Love the black and whiteness. Those were the best smores I've ever had....I love me and Hayden and Atlas' patterned shirts. cool contrasty
    Nicki is sweet :)