Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Who did we see today? And who did we shake hands with today? Oh, Mitt Romney. Last minute we heard that Romney was here in Boise to support Governor Butch Otter, so Trev and I went to hear him speak.

Once it was over we waited to shake his hand and take a picture, but right after he shook the hand of the guy in front of us he rushed over to talk to someone else, so we of course chased after him, and finally got to shake his hand....while typing this it doesn't sound as cool, but it really was at the moment.

Then instead of rushing Trevor straight back to work, we decided to mosey over to the doughnut shop and have a snack.

But we did not get a bacon doughnut. Yuck.


  1. Hey, Mitt Romney came to my work today! There was a big rally for Butch Otter at my work. My boss is a huge contributor to the Republican party—especially Mitt Romney. I didn't get to shake his hand though. He had to hurry to catch a flight to Boise where he met you! So cool.

  2. Political brushes with fame = cool.
    Bacon donuts = ICKY!
    Bacon the Betta fish = cooler than bacon donuts. You should come meet him : )


  3. you guys are the cutest. for real. bacon doughnuts

  4. That bacon donut is the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. But I will take the beautiful lavender one with sprinkles in the back!!