Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sundays here

Thank goodness for Sundays, the only day Trevor has off! And since the weather has been so beautiful, we've been making sure to get him outside on Sundays to give him some fresh air and both of us some sun. We really like taking walks along the river and play at the pond. Plus it's so BEAUTIFUL right now. I love how fall is nice and cool, yet the colors make you feel cozy and warm!

Trev likes to pretend he's Huck Finn.

We love feeding the ducks and geese moldy bread.

We also made sure to take time to smell the roses :)

We have a little over two weeks left here, and then it's on to the next adventure...wonder what it will be!


  1. How about something in Italy?? YES?? And I totally know where you are on the river. By my favorite fallen log . . . I am so curious. What will it be?

  2. you guys are so cute. why are you moving in 2 weeks? i'm so confused. maybe you should write on my fbook and explain? yes. do that. cuties