Thursday, December 16, 2010

Twi twi

Finally saw Eclipse, and I liked it. You could say I'm a Twilight fan. Not that I think they're the best books to grace the earth BUT I do think they're fun and entertaining. And I believe that fun and entertaining books belong in this world just as much as pop music does. I guess it's just that I don't really understand why some make a huge deal about hating them, or for that matter loving and obsessing over them....

Well, while watching the movie I remembered about a little video I made. A couple of years ago I was forwarded a condensed version of Twilight. So, last year when I had to make a podcast for class, I decided to condense the condensed version and came up with this:

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  1. I can't get enough of this, its just so perfect. Your voice, the pictures, the dialogue! Mike LOVES it too. Maybe even more than me :-)