Friday, December 3, 2010

Last Week

Oh my. How much football is too much football? I’m pretty sure I found the answer last week. We watched a plethora of games PLUS our fair share of basketball too. However, I will admit I enjoyed quite a few of the games AND I called a few of them too. Holla. We spent Thanksgiving at my Dad’s in Oregon. It was a fun, lazy week. It was also Trevor's and my 3rd Thanksgiving together! Meaning exactly two years ago we started dating! WOW.

[Dad, Kris, Me, and Trev the Spaceman]

Family Photo

My Dad has the fattest cat! His name’s F.B. If he's not sitting on you just right, then his gut pulls him off the side. I would feel bad for him, but he seems content with life. These two were bosom buddies with their cute cuddling.

Trevor with our fat cat
I also got to see my sweet Grandma Susie. She has dementia, which can make conversation hard sometimes, but she’s still so fun to be with.

Me: Hey Grandma Susie, whatcha been up to?
Grandma Susie: Oh you know me, just being sassy!

Grandma Susie, me, Trevor

An old pic of her. What a cutie!

Old photo of Grandma Susie

Then a cold pit stop at Multnomah

Multnomah Falls, Oregon
Multnomah Falls, Oregon

We had a great visit! Thanks Dad & Kris!


  1. The butt picture really thew me off for 30 seconds. Really.
    Glad you have a great visit. I love Oregon. Too bad LGB doesn't live there anymore, you could have seen her all cute & preggy. Love ya! (you are so pretty for reeeaalll)

  2. I am pretty cute, huh :) This makes me miss hooommee. But I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I love the fat cat...I want a kitten. Except for the fact that it might tear our childs face probably not.

  3. you guys are the cutest and 100% agree with nicki on the butt picture. so confused i was. cute cute cuteeee!

  4. i've been to molnomah falls!!!! it is soo beautiful. i wish we had a picture as classy as yours tho!! YOU ARE THE MOST HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!