Monday, February 21, 2011


Psyche! I’m just talking about our bed. It’s two twin beds pushed together! Before we were sleeping on one of those nice double-decker air mattresses. You know, the ones as tall as a normal bed. It worked really great at first, and then all of a sudden it was letting air out like crazy! We would have to blow it up at least five times throughout the night. And since it was a double-decker and so tall we would never end up on the floor, instead we would be sunken in, hovering above the floor, smashed into each other with the air mattress wrapping around our bodies like a cocoon. Actually, it probably would have looked more like a hotdog in a bun. Us being the hotdogs the air mattress being the bun. So Trev’s mom had the brilliant idea to push the two twins together and voila!

Probably the perfect model!

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  1. Ha. You little trickster. I actually think two twin beds might be more comfrtable than one king. Kell wakes me up every time he moves. Drives me crazy.