Monday, February 28, 2011

We were made for sunny days

Did you know that “winter in Virginia” means “warm, sunny weather”? Yep! The weather here is awesome! The last couple of weeks have been in the 70’s. One day it was 80?! Or at least that’s what the thermometer read. So we make sure to take advantage of every sunny moment. This is the break down:

We sit outside until the sun hides behind the house, then we head inside smelling like sunshine. You know what smell I mean. If I can't play on the mountain in the snow then it might as well be summer.


  1. you are the cutest. wish SO much that it was that warm here. soak it up for me!!

  2. I love the sun. And skipbo! Are you in California now? Or Utah? Maybe I will text you tomorrow. Love you!