Tuesday, March 15, 2011

San Fran

Can I tell you how how great this last week and a half has been?! So great and so fun. Ok well, the first few days weren't my fave. On the plane ride over, I got hit by a cold hard. So with jet lag + yucky cold, all I wanted to do was sleep and sleep which made me a very unfavorable guest. I of course eventually did get better and then we had some fun!

The Bay area is really beautiful. We walked the Wharf, drove Lombard Street, ate at the Cliff House, danced around the Palace of Fine Arts ("Nadia, I am coming!"), chilled in Santa Cruz, and played at the park with Atlas just about everyday.

Ariel is such the mother/homemaker now. If you knew her in the past you would know she used to be this goth/punk rocker/wild/crazy girl. But now she's this cute fashionista mamma. And it's adorable.

Two love birds. Almost Four years! Can you believe that?

Almost 10 months!

Then Grandpa Greg came! And look at the fancy, white tiger Ariel won! Woohoo!

The Golden Gate Bridge behind us. It was a little windy...

My favorite day was in Davenport. We went to this little beach that was hidden by steep, rocky cliffs and had a picnic! It was perfect. Sunny, warm, light breeze, and NO ONE else around.

I really loved hanging with my little sista, it felt just like old times. Thanks Mike, Ariel, and Atlas!


  1. OMGosh i was smiling BIG while reading/looking at this post. I love it and I/we LOVVVVVED having you here. I'm so serious: downstairs. shower. toilet. bed. voila! I miss you. And it was weird how when you were here I missed you even more because I knew you'd be leaving in just a few days. Bittersweet. I love you and I can't wait to see you guys again. Oh and LOVING the pictures. I forgot to get them all from you before you left, but you got some super cute ones there! Where any of those from dads phone?

  2. hey if you crop the pic of Dad and Mike leaning on the rock at like the chest, it almost ALMOST looks like they might be leaning against it! haha.
    the palace of fine arts pix are really cute I love them. thats a good one of me and Mike, we don't have any of the two of us around the city where we aren't holding the camera taking one of ourselves, so thats fun, and the one of you and trev with the sunflare turned out cool :-)
    oh and the park ones are a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.---love the opening pic of trevor and atlas, that pretty much sums up their relationship ;]
    and then atlas squating withe chip...hhaha
    see this is the problem with blogs, I can't comment on EACH PICTURE!
    love us all looking weird at the beach hehehe

  3. Looks like fun! Thanks for finally posting pictures. I knew where you were, but no one was talking about it! Now where?


  4. Can't wait for my turn next week!

  5. Jealous. Can't wait to see you!

  6. I love SF so much. The redwoods & the ocean & the restaurants & the sourdough bread & the fish. It is so perfect. I am glad you loved it. XO