Sunday, February 13, 2011

You Are My Sunshine

A few of the many things he’s good at
-Making me smile
-Making me laugh ALL DAY LONG
-Making me feel better after one of my emotional breakdowns
-Making me want to be better
-Holding my hand
-Laughing like an Asian school girl (it's so funny)
-Being my best friend
-Eating my awful cooking and acting like it's delicious

You are my sunshine and I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!


  1. this is the best and sweetest. i love that pretty picture. let's pretend like it's you even if its not :) love love love!

  2. Mckay is convinced I am the only girl who has emotional breakdowns. You should call us next time you are right in the middle of yours;)
    Glad you married a good one! Happy love day!