Saturday, April 9, 2011


Yesterday I had a long list of things to do and I am happy to say I crossed just about all of them off.
#14 Play the Guitar. Is it sad that I have to put that on a to-do list for it to happen? Yes. This last year I've only played once every three months. Yuck. And here’s something even more embarrassing – all of the cute little calluses at the ends of my fingers are gone! Shameful. So I finally pulled the ol’girl out, plucked some strings, and sang a few ditties. It felt so good! I played and sang what songs of mine I could remember then reminisced with some Clapton tunes. Mmmmmm.

I’ve been trying to figure out why my playing has decreased and I think I’ve finally figured it out. When I first started playing it was just for myself. I would write silly, little love songs for no one else to hear (my 10-year-old love songs were seriously sappy). And then, with help from my fellow bandmates, I discovered I loved to play and sing in front of people. Performing then gave me a reason to practice. I would sit in the little front room of my apartment and practice while my roommates sang and danced along in the kitchen. It was the best. So I guess my mind settled into this idea that I can only play when I have a show coming up. But THAT’S NOT TRUE!!!!! I can play and play whenever I want.

I’m really excited about this epiphany I’ve just had. My guitar is now sitting out, in a convenient spot, ready for whenever :)

Highschool band Take a Number / The All-girl-chick-band-from-Minico.


  1. you really do need to play ALL THE TIME!!! cause you are the best ever. really. i miss singing with you. maybe again someday :)

  2. I miss living with you. For many reasons, one of which is the music. I am NOT EVEN LYING when I say that today I was singing that Houston song. Really. I was. I hardly knew the words... "mmmmh going to Houston, to think about it.. lalala la la mmmmhhmmmm.. da da da da da." That was me.