Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back in Oregon

Yesterday started out not so hott. We had a fun, filled day planned in Portland but with google maps help, we ended up LOST for 2.5 hrs! Well, we knew where we were, we just couldn't find where we wanted to go. Drove us both bonkers. But eventually we found the temple and left there feeling happy again :)

And here’s a tip to all the ladies: don’t go shoes shopping in a skirt. It just makes it awkward for you AND the nice man fitting the shoes on your feet. After the temple we headed to the store for some shoes for me. I really am not a shoe person. I don't like shopping for them, spending money on them, or wearing them...but I do LOVE these shoes. And go figure, when you spend more than 5 bucks on a pair they can actually feel kind of nice :)


  1. oh fun! ha. remember the one time we got lost in portland on the way to the format after a three hour drive from the coast!!!?? uhhhg. but that was a greeeeeeeat concert! Love the sandals. cute, fun and practical! Comfortable shoes are one thing that should cost more than five dollars. If not, they will probably fall apart too soon and your heels will be sore :). Is that your old navy comfy skirt? I wore mine to the temple today too!! Wow. Well I guess you went yesterday...

  2. i hate shoes too. or maybe i don't. i don't know. but i don't have a fettish and most of them annoy me because they hurt. i'm a flip flop lover. i'm a feet person, in that i adore pedicures. the end. xo.