Sunday, May 22, 2011


Since we're already in Oregon, we decided to take a trip to Seattle for our ONE YEAR anniversary. Technically today is our anniversary but we're happy with celebrating it a few days early. Aside from staying the night in the worst hotel ever, our trip was lovely. We walked Pike Place Market, saw the flying fish and singing fishermen, ate breakfast with the Kansas City Sporting Club, and lounged at every park we found.

Probably my favorite part of the trip was our tour of Safeco Field...and I'm not even a sports fan, let alone a baseball fan. But this was cool. We were able to go everywhere in the building except the Mariner's locker room since some of the players practically live in there.

A-Rod's lockers when he comes to play. He's the only one that demands two lockers.

The press room. So cool!

I felt like such the Seattleite with my Starbucks in hand. It's hot chocolate but it still counts. We got it from the very first Starbucks! Kinda cool.

It's been a GREAT first year! And I loved celebrating it with my best friend :)


  1. this is the best!! you look SO gorgeous!!! your locks are the longest (i'm so jealous)!!

  2. Awww you guys are the best!! Seattle. How fun! Ahhh I want to go play at that fountain! what is that last picture statue thing? <3 the space needle pix haha. And that hanging pink blooming flower pic is soo pretty! Very artistic :)

  3. Happy Anniversary you two! I'm so glad you had fun in Seattle :)