Friday, January 27, 2012

An Affair to Remember

Trevor's gone for basketball 3-4 times a week, half of the time to play ball and half of the time to work at the Stampede games. So I often have "Lindsey Parties" and pick a movie to watch that Trevor wouldn't like, i.e. Musicals/Oldies. One night I saw that Netflix had An Affair to Remember, a movie I had heard of but knew nothing about (or so I thought).

Well half way through the movie, Grant and Kerr decide to meet at the top of the Empire State building on Valentine's day. How romantic. "Hey!" I thought, "it's just like Sleepless in Seattle!" Then it clicked and I realized it was THE movie IN Sleepless in Seattle. Which of course made me think of this hilarious scene:

I was then annoyed that I knew how the movie was going to end, but continued to watch anyway.

So the end of the movie finally comes (the part she's describing in the clip above) and what do you think happened? I started crying too! Of course! What a blubber I've become.

Anyway, I ended up loving An Affair to Remember.


  1. I have cried a lot lately too. My favorite two year old left the school. I haven't really recovered yet

  2. Well thanks for ruining the ending for me to. But now that I know its on Netflix....I guess I'll watch it to haha. Funy scene :)