Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A big, humongous thank you to Beso and The Beauty Department!!!!

I usually spend my free time on my blog reader and there are always so many different contest going on all of these blogs. So, I finally decided to start entering some. The first one I entered won me 500 dollars!!!

My jaw seriously dropped to the floor when I saw my name on the Contest Winners list. And then I thought..there must be another "lindseypie".. so I double checked and it was for sure me!!

So the next time you see a contest - ENTER IT! Cause you never know :]


  1. You are such a lucky girl! Wag to go! :) Fun plans for $500 whole dollars??

  2. WAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! $500!!!! i hope you went out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate :) Jealous!!