Friday, January 13, 2012

Football Outfits

College football season is OVER!!! I kind of enjoyed it this year. I'm pretty sure that's to do with making weekly picks. Trevor and the other Unofficial Review writers made picks each week and posted them on the blog and this year I joined in. I was in close second the whole time and I really thought I was going to make a break for first...but the bowl picks, which I'm always awful at, brought my score down. So alas, i did not win. I ended in third place.

Anyway, if you're curious about what Trevor's outfit was EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY, then today is your lucky day.

Outfit #1
BYU hat, BYU shirt, and a BYU blanket.

Outfit #2
Michigan shirt, Michigan mug (that a stranger at the D.I. insisted we buy), and a Detroit Tigers hat (not "Michigan" but close enough).

Whoever plays first determines which outfit he wears first. Lucky guy, he never had to worry about what to wear. I'm curious what he'll wear now.


  1. it's like we married twins. minus the michigan part. replace that with the packers. byu & the packers are our faves. or so i'm told :)
    jk, its fun now. the saints and packers last night? i'm sure you guys watched- good game! oh! & guess what? i go to yoga every friday & love it & think of you. xo

  2. Nice coffee table, though it looks suspiciously like a piano bench. I'm liking the new slipcover, too. You are so grown up!

  3. The last comment wasn't actually me. I don't sound all "Oh you're so grown up". My mom posted as me. But, the BYU blanket is causing me distress. Why don't you cut it up and put it up as curtains instead?