Thursday, February 16, 2012


Last weekend was fantastic!

We got to see our sweetie, Erin, marry her sweetie, Jonathan.

The Bachelorette Party, the Sealing, and Reception were all perfect! The only bad thing was that we broke our "Crazy Sexy Diet". Too much cheesecake and too much meat. But it was all so delicious.

And guess who else we got to see - Ariel and Megan!

They probably don't like this picture...but I love it everything about it.

My mom was their photographer.

Weddings make me feel so in love.



  1. Oh boy. Where do I even start?! That picture of Trevor, Megan, and Ariel is TO. DIE. FOR. Literally. Whatever that means. It's the best!!! I don't know about the crazy sexy diet, but I like it. Trevor is the luckiest to have the cutest wife ever. :) Love your outfit and fancy flip-flopping picture. I need more pictures of Erin's dress/husband/etc/etc!!! <3

  2. Really Lindsey, really? Taking pictures all weekend and THAT is the one you choose? Oh silly. I love it anyways. And your fancy changing picture....ooooooooo. Can't wait to see the wedding pics mom got!!!!

  3. I love your mom with her toolbelt. Looks she could go on assignment for National Geographic!

  4. ohh how wonderful!! weddings are the BEST!! <3